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Maartje's main qualities in the change management initiatives were her ability to reach far and wide to map out the views from all key stakeholders to distill the essence for setting strategy and subsequently her perseverance to chase, coach and support all decision makers towards conclusion of outcomes." - Luc van Son; GM Development Kuwait (NKJG) Shell

"You are the best I have ever met when it comes to virtual leadership."

- David Fraser; GM Competitive Scoping and Improvement (Shell)

​"Maartje has many talents, she brings people together, has patience, is engaging, wants to develop people, is business orientated, is focused on her customers, delivering on promise and on common sense fit for purpose solutions (something Shell struggles with)​" - Andy McCormick. Engineering Manager, Shell Majnoon Project, Iraq

THANK YOU for your wonderful contributions to the Shell Indian Women Network. You have enabled shaping the agenda, played an important role as a mentor and a sponsor. You are leaving a strong mark and legacy. - Mansi Madan Tripathy, Country General Manager (Shell)

Maartje's biggest talent is:

  • "Seeing the big picture of a situation with little information and can explain what needs to happen to a wide range of types of people."

  • "She gets things done, when she is involved, it is guaranteed to get a result".

  • "The confidence she shows in her coworkers and how she empowers them/us to take decisions."

  • "To bring structure, process and organization to make complex problems or issues transparent and simple" 

- Anonymous from various peers in 360 feedback

You stand out as a coach due to your ability to connect with coachees, to listen deeply, to empathise, intuit, understand etc. This isn’t about frameworks or skills or learning, it’s about you as a person – you’re brilliant on a human level! - Sr Consultant Organizational Effectiveness at Deloitte

I like working with Maartje especially because she is a very intelligent person, with great strategic insights and she is an inspiration for me as strong female role model. It is amazing how she helps me with thinking 2 steps ahead and how she opens my mind to look at things from a different angle. She explores with me the tools to be more successful in my role. I have worked with a coaches before, but to me Maartje rises up far above the herd, she comes across as extremely knowledgeable, efficient, empathic and also important, she’s a very pleasant person to talk to. - Sr Technical Professional, Coaching Client.

"I have seen you voicing out challenges in a constructive way, and with your leadership, constantly motivating staff across to expand their horizon. You have continued to create opportunities to connect staff and have been a strong enabler in creating an improved ways of working culture in Projects & Technology Bangalore." - Preethi Sagar; STCB Transformation PMO Lead

I worked closely with Maartje on the Majnoon project and have also witnessed her work in the Integrated Gas Program Office driving improvements in business effectiveness. In my experience she is a capable, dynamic, committed professional and uses her experience and interpersonal skills to excellent effect. She will be a valuable asset to organisations engaged in development projects, preparing and structuring major technical decisions, or in business transformation.  - Herve Goubin; Senior Front-End Engineering Manager at Shell Projects & Technology

"Your passion and energy, rather the fire in you has ignited quite a few more fires to take up this initiative. With the same energy you have kept the BTCM (Shell Bangalore Technology Center Management Team) ticking as well. Thanks a lot for your commitment and contributions all the way from Better Bangalore to the current Bangalore Strategy. They have your finger prints all over! " - A Siva Rama Krishnan; General Manager, Project Services - EAST (Shell)

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