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#MeToo - What next?
Organizational response to #MeToo - A pragmatic plan between apathy & witch hunt

Based on materials developed with input from my female peers over years working in a male dominated industry i support organizations developing a pro-active approach to achieve positive change and improved inclusiveness in their organizations thereby improving retention of senior female staff in male dominated environments.

Maartje_Energy Hub Level 3 Zone 1 STCB (
Coaching & Mentoring
Coaching for working mothers who want to be more satisfied with the way their life is balanced and organized with the many different roles they have. 
Mentoring services to selective junior staff in organizations I work in or am familiar with focused on career path development and dealing with work related dilemma's. 
And of course I am always available as a  sparring partner for fellow expat career women.
Dat Theme,
Dat Occasion
Decorate & Celebrate in theme
If it has a theme, I can help you develop and decorate you, your space, your activities or your items. Ranging from interior design, kids bedrooms, parties or events to costumes, personalized group gifts, specialty Mardi Gras throws, story telling and puppet show theaters - let me help you get these in theme in a fun, functional and cost effective manner.
Store front for Dat Theme, Dat Occasion to go live April 2019
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