"Maartje is a natural change agent, she combines standard change frameworks with a faith that moves mountains."

(Head of Centre for Business Intelligence and Strategy Analysis)

"If you want something done, give it to the person who's busy".

(former manager about Maartje)


a bit about me:

Synthesizing Plans into Action

I help leaders develop structure, fit for purpose plans and facilitate decision making to move ideas and initiatives for projects, programs and/or change into execution.

Building on my experience in global development-, project-, improvement-, risk- and innovation management, I am known for my analytical skills, my pragmatic energetic style and my ability to effectively engage the group of people I work with, bringing them from the sidelines into the delivery.


My management consultancy services bring an independent perspective, leveraging almost 20 years of experience working on-site with joint-ventures and multinationals in the Oil- & (Natural) Gas Industry across the globe (Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America).

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